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A bean like you’ve never seen

Deep dive into what separates our coffee from everyone else

Coffee is our specialty

And we only offer ‘specialty’ coffee. But what is specialty coffee, you ask? Easy: specialty coffee is coffee that’s gone through rigorous testing, approved by the coffee gods, and is signed, sealed and sign-offed off to be the best cuppa you can buy.


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Coffee of the month

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Hey ya; it’s Mbeya

What’s cooler than being cool, we ask you? No, it's not being ice cold, but it's having the ultimate pod in your go-to rotation of coffees. Coming in to perk up your mornings, afternoons or midnights if you need to be awake that late, say hey ya to Mbeya. Boasting a syrupy-sweet soundtrack of juicy fruits with a chorus of moreish maple syrup, this single-origin story is far from an OutKast.

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Processing, roasting & grinding

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When it comes to our beans, we treat ‘em right. In fact, if you didn’t know, the entire process of ‘treating’ beans involves how one roasts and grinds the green beans they receive. This treatment (also known as processing) is the difference between okay coffee and killer coffee.

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Discover our world of specialty coffee

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Sourcing the finest coffee

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Whenever we look at adding a new coffee to our line-up, the process actually begins months and months (sometimes even years) before. The reason for this is we take the sourcing of our coffee extremely seriously. Each coffee you sip on has gone through rigorous source-roasting sampling; think hours and hours on end of us experimenting with the exact recipe and sipping each batch until it’s caffeinated perfection.

If you want to know the true secret to sourcing scrumptious coffee, it’s working closely with the supplier while having the idea of what coffee we want to craft at the front of our minds. We think about that every step of the way to ensure that what you experience the moment your lips meet your mug is only superior taste. The time taken at the very first step is really where the magic pays off, we say!

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Arabica beans

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We’ve all heard of the terms Robusta and Arabica beans. Instant coffee may be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about Robusta beans. Conversely, the coffee from your beloved local café is very likely serving Arabica beans. Why do you pay more for Arabica beans? For one, the taste. Robusta is typically known for having a bitter, burnt taste, which is due in large part to its high caffeine content (~2.7%). Caffeine being bitter, of course! But, we hear you; you might be saying, “Hey, but I love my caffeine high!”

Don’t worry; the caffeine content in Arabica beans (~1.5%) is more than enough to give you those all-too-familiar hand tremors. There’s also a much higher fat and sugar content in Arabica beans that contributes to its deliciousness. It’s like an energy-inducing hamburger that won’t make you fat. Sold!

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Quality at all costs

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Like most things in life, the greater the difficulty, the larger the reward. That's why we source our coffee across 4 continents, 9 countries, and 16 regions. Scared of heights? Hope not. Slopes of dormant volcanos. Deep jungle. Mountainous terrain. Pack your bags because you're going to the farthest ends of the Earth if you want to find what fuels your day. You'll need to ascend to precise altitudes between 3,000 - 6,000 ft. It's only here hot days and cool nights extend the arabica cherry's growth, giving it more time to develop and ripen, creating a more refined and complex flavour. These are the extremes one must go to, to source the best.

When working with coffee farmers, we deal with them directly. Working directly means the quality is controlled, and sustainability can be ensured, as a larger percentage of the money goes directly to the farmer and workers.

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What makes single-origin so special? Well, coffee purists absolutely love single origins, as it’s a way for them to focus on what a region does best, and hone in on a specific quality of a roast, such as an aroma or mouthfeel. When the beans are that good, you can easily understand why you’d have a single-origin coffee - a roast sourced from one location, one batch, one finely curated bean. Count us in.

How We Grade Our Coffee

You’ve probably noticed that we mention that all of our coffee is ‘specialty-grade’. Yep… We say it a lot. For those curious as to what it actually means and how it translates to better coffee in your cup, this article is for you. (Keep in mind this is after we’ve sourced the coffee. You can read more about our process for that here.) Ok! Let's dive in.


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